MultiMedia Projectors

The term Digital Projectors is typically used loosely to include any projector capable of connecting to a computer. However, for a projector to be considered truly digital, it would use a digital device, such as a DLP chip as opposed to LCD panels, and would be equipped with an LED light source – instead of a conventional lamp that is considered analog. The completely digital projector would also require digital source material coming over to the projector via a digital connection such as HDMI or DVI.

DLP Projectors

Let’s start with DLP itself. this type of “chip” used in almost half of the world’s projectors. DLP, as in DLP projectors is the marketing term. The actual technical term for the “DLP” chips themselves is DMD, which Texas Instruments (creator of the technology, and manufacturer of the chips) called DMD, or digital micro devices.

LCD Projectors

LCD (“Liquid Crystal Display”) projectors have traditionally displayed rich color saturation and image sharpness on the market. The term LCD projector encompasses all models using LCD technology, whereas “3LCD” is a trade brand and does not include some projectors. For example, there are actually a few projectors out there with four LCD panels.

LED Projectors

LED projectors are becoming more and more popular. LED technology is being used in a wide range of products, including business and education projectors, and even the emerging market of Pico projectors, and other mini projector systems. This has its benefits in a variety of fields, with several different uses.